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Exclusive wooden bicycles crafted by nature

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LJ City Bike

LJ City


LJ Semicruise Bike

LJ Semi-Cruisers

City Cruiser & Lady Cruise

LJ Double Mountain Bike

LJ Double

Mountain Bike

Wooden Bicycles... for many persons this sounds like a bad idea. So, why use wood?

The answer is quite clear when you see the images above. 
Shaping the lively structure of wood allows us to create a hollow frame with a flowing design much like in the yachting industry.
By playing with different kinds of wood we can offer every customer a bicycle which does not only suit his size, riding style and terrain, but also his character. 
By matching the bicycle’s character with its owner’s, we achieve not only a product but an item of personal value. 

Since I have heard a lot of the following questions at exhibitions or when talking to clients, I want to share the most common ones here:

Isn’t a wooden bike very heavy?
Wood is very strong compared to its weight. All our frames are hollow, so we can reach a reasonably low weight:
Our racing bike frame weighs 2.1kg. and the City Cruiser’s frame is 3.4kg light.
I am well aware that there are more competition-oriented bike frames out there which are lighter. Yet, our aim is to offer perfect feel good bikes with a personal touch and environmentally friendly material!  

Can I ride my wooden bicycle in the rain? 
Yes you can! We use a highly developed resin coating in combination with 2 component UV resistant varnishes. 
After all, a wooden boat doesn’t rot or sink either...

Is the wood strong and durable enough? 
Yes it is! We use the woodgrain in various directions, which lets us bypass any weaknesses in the grain. 
Our glues are staying slightly soft, even when fully cured. This allows the glue to swallow vibrations, rather than crack in time. 

What happens if I scratch or bump the frame?  
Nothing to worry about! First of all, a wooden frame might look fragile,  but the wall of the hollow frame is slightly thicker compared to aluminum or carbon. So if you dent it, it will not weaken the structural strength. To repair the dent we can remove the varnish where needed and treat the wood with hot steam, leading to a swelling of the wood. Once dry, the wood stays in shape again! 
Scratches in the varnish, even if they go through into the wood, can be easily repaired by sanding and revarnishing the scratched spot. 
And in case you feel like having a new bike after years of use, we can simply sand and coat the frame again and it will look perfectly new!