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Eco building - natural and sustainable homes

Our process

When choosing a eco home, you dont need to give up modernity or special design features. For our ecological insulated wall pannels we use a combination of timber, straw bales, cork and soft fiber boards to create a sustainable and comfortable home in any kind of architecture you can imagine.
With a timber frame structural base, we use straw bales as wall insulation. These walls are then plastered with natural materials such as lime and clay renders. To finish the walls, we apply breathable paints or mix the render with pigments to get the desired color and structure.

This sustainable building method, with a careful planing phase, is fastly installed, and it is highly attractive by using locally sourced materials, it is naturally fire retardant and has a high insulation value. In the end we achieve an healthy living environment, by keeping a balanced humidity level indoors, free of mould and nasty chemicals.
A good insulation performance means that a comfortable indoor temperature is easy and economic to maintain, both during cold winter and warm summertime.

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