Our Story

We’re a young and experienced team of carpenters who have made the Algarve our home. With diverse backgrounds, our team excels in delivering quality work across various woodworking areas.

In the last years, we have been working in different projects in the region, from full interior renovations, to exclusive kitchens, pergolas and terrace deckings, wood structures and natural construction, working with architect studios, interior designers or directly with the end customer.

As passionate carpenters, we love combining quality woods with modern materials and techniques to achieve optimal results. Careful consideration goes into selecting the right material for specific situations.

If visualising your garden pergola, office interior, or living room wall is a challenge, we offer a digital 3D sketch to assist in finalising the design and choosing the appropriate material from the start.


We're keen to learn about your personal project and bring it to life!

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Our Team

Our team knows their stuff, ready to take on a wide range of projects

Raphael Much
Ronnie Kennedy

Welcome to our carpentry workshop! Meet Raphael and Ronnie, the skilled craftsmen who have been working together since 2010. With Raphael’s background in industrial carpentry and eco-building, along with Ronnie’s expertise in marine carpentry and house building, they make a formidable team.

Raphael’s focus on precision and sustainability, combined with Ronnie’s unique perspective, ensures that every project is crafted to perfection. Together, they carefully plan and oversee production, ensuring that each piece meets high standards and deadlines. Trust us to bring your woodworking visions to reality with our experienced and dedicated team.

Antony Barton (Carpenter) . Mihail Possesor (Carpenter). Finn James (Cabinet Maker) . Ronnie Kennedy (Carpenter and Production Manager) . Rita Perpétuo (Marketing and Communication) . Raphael Much (Carpenter and Manager) . Cajú (Lunch inspector)